Foals – Live @ Brixton Academy, November 2010

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Music, Published Work, Reviews
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Originally written November 20th 2010 – Published on Roar! Newspaper’s website

In a darkened Brixton Academy, full to the rafters with excited fans, all that can be heard are whispers of anticipation and the rising chants of “un peu d’air sur la terre”. Suddenly the math-rockers emerge, Philippakis taking centre stage amidst a minimalistic backdrop of thick smoke and a bright blue Foals flag. Instantly the band drops into their new single Blue Blood, exercising the expansive,  more delicate sound of their recent album Total Life forever.

Yannis Philippakis doing what he does best

Unexpectedly, Cassius soon follows, fearlessly removing two of the biggest singles from their arsenal within the first four songs of the set. Clearly this is a band confident in the breadth of their work, not just crowd pleasing club hits. Cassius is played with passion, stimulating the crowd into a violent flurry, while the funky riffs of Balloons and Miami soon settle them down gently. Philippakis barely utters a word throughout the show, instead letting the music and his captivating vocals do all the talking.

Spanish Sahara is the unequivocal anthem of the night, epitomising the inspiring transition the band has made with Total Life Forever. In a display of sheer emotion the band prove that technical proficiency is not their only strength. Accompanied by a vivid blue laser show, Yannis’s vocals inspire a moment of genuine calm on a night abounding in energy and vigour. Returning for an impressive three-song encore, the band answered previous chants by delivering a perfect rendition of the French Open, and a rare treat in the form of Hummer, the bands first single.

Foals illuminating Brixton

In ninety minutes, Foals provided a set that spanned both studio albums, intertwining aggressive glitchy shout-along singles with the tender emotion of their new material. Showcasing an exciting and progressive new sound, Foals proved that undoubtedly, they have a longevity that many bands can only dream of.


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