Paranormal Inactivity

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Cinema, Reviews
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How in God’s name can they justify making a trilogy of films where literally nothing happens throughout until the last 10 minutes?! Sorry if that sounds like a little bit of a spoiler about the third film, but if you’ve seen the previous two then you will be under no illusion that anything would have improved.

I am gutted to have paid £13 for a ticket (outrageous West End prices) for essentially 5 minutes of footage that was almost, almost worth watching. I gather that the slow pace of the films is supposed to build suspense until the final ”pay-off”, but unfortunately you are made to care so little by the end that it becomes completely inconsequential. Moreover, the attempt to include some ridiculously vague explanation for the existence of the violent ghosties was absolutely pointless. If anything, it was more damaging, with the lack of plot development making the point entirely redundant.

The only real praise I can give Paranormal Activity 3 is for the inventive inclusion of a moving camera which was surprisingly effective. It did indeed build suspense and was a clever device for drawing the audiences eye towards particular parts of the screen in order to slowly reveal what was happening, whilst creating particular expectations. Beyond this though, the film was a complete waste of time!

Perhaps the scariest thing is the prospect of Paranormal Activity 4 due for a 2012 release. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Don't cry! Hopefully they won't finish making it!!

  1. trixfred30 says:

    Agreed I couldn’t work out what all the fuss was about -the only scary thing about the first one was the woman shuffling up to the camera at the end and by then i didnt care.

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