Slinkachu – Mini Art.

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Art
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No not a Pikachu Slinky… although that is an interesting idea.

This post is about contemporary artist Slinkachu, a man famous for his captivating photographs of tiny model railway figures hidden around large cityscapes.

Each set up presents both a micro level viewpoint, zoomed into the miniature figures, and a macro level wide shot, revealing the artwork as the centre of a larger landscape.

Tony Stalks... Ok I'm aware that oranges do not have stalks but you do better!


It is this combination of large and small scale perspectives that so intrigue and delight. The ‘mini installations’ have an unmistakable charm, spawning many homages in the art world. In Slinkachu’s work there is obvious social commentary and nostalgia play, with references to subjects like pest control, littering and crime. Perhaps the real success however is that all of these are treated with deliberate informality in a media environment where overreaction and hyperbole are common.

His work is beautifully inoffensive, completely avoiding political correctness, whilst functioning on a level that everyone, of any age, can enjoy. This universality is what I adore most about Slinkachu’s work. Although there are clearly various levels embedded deep within each piece, for example, in the installation entitled ‘Scars’ (below), there is ultimately a shared understanding created by the simple charm he manages to instill. I can’t possibly imagine anyone that wouldn’t fall in love with his work.

A very poignant message I think you'll agree.

I purchased ‘Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu’ a few months back and was so enamoured by it that I’ve been following him since. You can get it on Amazon for under £7. He has also recently released a catalogue of his newest collection called ‘Concrete Ocean’ which can be purchased from his website.

Aside from his ‘little people’, Slinkachu also has a project called ‘Inner City Snail’ which presents how all-encompassing graffiti can be. Banksy eat ya heart out.

Moving graffs. Slowly moving graffs.

  1. Rina says:

    ‘Tony Stalks… Ok I’m aware that oranges do not have stalks but you do better!’


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