Shooting Stars Cancelled.

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Comedy, Social Media, Television
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Bob Mortimer today revealed on Twitter that hilarious comedy panel show Shooting Stars has been cancelled by the Beeb.



What a travesty!

Ok, so admittedly Vic & Bob were not quite at top form in their most recent series of Shooting Stars, and arguably they cannot adequately get away with their silly, surrealist comedy when they are now balding. But they are innately funnier than most of the shit that the BBC passes for comedy these days.

How in God’s name can they justify cancelling such a popular show when they allow horrendous programs like My Family to continue into their 11th series!

RIP boys. I sincerely hope that Dave picks you up! You’d fit in perfectly with their schedules and they could use something new to dilute the repeats.

  1. fluffrick says:

    It’s not as though “Shooting Stars” was a terrifyingly expensive show to produce, so that can’t be the reason.

    Not enough cross-merchandising, synergistic, viewer-vote line opportunities for cash-strapped Auntie B, I’d imagine.

    Farewell Vic, see ya Bob, fare thee well Ulri-ka-ka-ka!

    • Absolutely agree with you! Wasn’t watered down, broad comedy, so I imagine it didn’t get the same viewing figures as bloody Miranda or Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Shit.

      I defy the BBC to find a better duo for ripping the piss out of the celebs they get on…

      Hilarious blokes, they will be sorely missed… ka-ka-ka!

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