Fold Away Deck – Skate not Chair

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Skateboarding, Video
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I was strolling through Waterloo today, past Namco and the Southbank underpass, Good Riddance pumping in my ears, when I suddenly had an immense desire to skate. Unfortunately I hadn’t brought my deck with me so I had no chance. It got me thinking; how amazing would it be to have a retractable skateboard? A set up that folds away into “a neat little package” (Homer emphasis), somehow tucking itself away like a Swiss army knife. It would be Dominic Emmenegger’s wet dream! (He was a mental Swiss skater who pelted it through the busiest road tunnel in Melbourne earlier this year. Yes, he did get hurt.)

All the way home I couldn’t stop thinking about it… Is this complete fantasy, or is it a human possibility? I kept trying to come up with a way that was vaguely feasible. The furthest I got was some kind of fan-like structure, made of metal, that folds out into one long board, somehow locking securely so that you can pop and land. So still sitting in the ‘complete fantasy’ camp then.

When I got home I did some research. This was the best I could find:

How to Fold & Lock SNAP Skateboard from SNAP Skateboard on Vimeo.

It’s a pretty good attempt right? Ok, so it’s not that much smaller than a regular skateboard, although you can squeeze it into a bag. They’ve managed to tuck away the tails but it doesn’t make it hugely more accessible. My dream is something about the size of a dvd case, but maybe that’s as much a dream as ‘Back to the Future’ hoverboards. Also, smashing an aluminium deck against your shins on some pop shuvs would cause some major bruises….

Time to get thinking – watch this space. Theo Paphitis is gunna love this shit.

If you’re interested in the fold up deck above then you can purchase it on Snap Skateboard’s Website.

  1. Usman Akram says:

    Dude. Great article. I don’t skate but man that would be awesome. You would need a metal that was tough but also extremely light and flexible. I’m talking some Dark Knight armour here!

  2. Cheers bro! Appreciate it.

    Ha yeah boy, need some fucking adamantium up in this shit! Thing is, it wouldn’t matter if it was pricey because this seems like it would last much longer than standard wooden decks. Roll on the future: Batman Arkham Street Skating.

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