Bad Ass Starring Danny Trejo. Oh Boy.

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Cinema, Social Media, Video
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Wow, Hollywood never ceases to amaze me. If you read my blog then chances are that you’ve seen me ranting pretty fervently about the impending Akira remake. It just gets worse though…

I’ve just seen a trailer on IGN for an upcoming action flick called Bad Ass, starring Danny Trejo and I am gobsmacked. Not in a good way.

Ok, so Trejo is clearly a BEAST, sporting some particularly admirable facial hair. Uber Mexican. But seemingly his new role is playing the part of a humble Youtube hero – not quite Machete (MA-CHET-AY). Has Hollywood really created a whole film based on a viral Youtube clip?!

See for yourself:

Now see the original Youtube clip:

What’s next Hollywood, Charlie Bit my finger starring Charlie Sheen? Although that is definitely a true story.


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