Gourmet Theft

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Food, News
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It’s not often that an article on Sky News makes me smile, but perhaps 2012 is the start of something new!

Today I read perhaps the most amazing story I have ever heard…

Wozza rozza'd to the cozzas.

It was revealed today that TV cooking dwarf Anthony Worral Thompson has been caught stealing from his local Tescos. What a bloody cheek! Thompson was witnessed on several occasions at a self-service checkout, placing items into his bags without scanning them first. But wait, aren’t they supposed to say “UNEXPECTED ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA!”…. He must know something we don’t, the crafty git. The aging lisper was given a warning by Thames Valley Police for his foodie crimes.

Perhaps the greatest element to this story though is that he was stealing cheese and wine. CHEESE AND BLOODY WINE!

Talk about white collar (and hat) crime!

  1. Having the radio on in my sweetie shop – it shocked me too! to hear about it! My family live around the Henley area!

  2. Hi Wendy! It was such a shock wasn’t it? I might expect that from Gordon ‘@#£*’ Ramsey or Keith ‘boozy’ Floyd, but not loveable Wozza. Ahh you should get your family and neighbours to create a Worral Thompson neighbourhood watch scheme!

    Thanks for commenting!

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