Microsoft Points Destined to be as Useful as the Drachma

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Gaming, News, Xbox
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In the last few days rumours have been spread suggesting that tech tycoon Microsoft are planning to abandon their gaming virtual currency – Microsoft Points – by the end of 2012.

Though an official Microsoft spokesperson refused to comment demanding that they “do not comment on rumours or speculation”, it has been reported that the change is to standardise a payment system for both their console gaming and mobile apps. If these rumours are to be believed, then all payment will now be taken in ‘real’ money, with transactions carried out in the primary currency of the country that a user’s account was registered with.

The implications of such a measure are yet to be seen, especially in this globally volatile economic climate, but we certainly hope that it does not lead to a swell in pricing.

Moreover, what is the destiny for the newly-instated Xbox Rewards Service?  Previously, Live customers were finally being rewarded for their loyalty with free Microsoft Points whenever you registered a new subscription through the site, or participated in promotions or surveys. How will this now function, will we be paid actual currency for this? Or is this being completely disbanded….?

Only time will tell…

Apparently it does? Wipe that smile off your face.


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