Having spent the last month working for global mobile tycoons the GSMA, I have been exposed to all manner of mobile tech news from their annual European event, the Mobile World Congress.

Amidst a torrent of handset and app announcements, including Samsung‘s Galaxy Note, Nokia‘s 808 Pureview, and Adobe‘s Photoshop Touch, there has also been some exciting news on the mobile gaming front.

On Monday 27th February, the first day of the Mobile World Congress, SEGA presented their iconic blue hedgehog in a new sequel, Sonic 4: Episode II, now available for the first time on mobile devices. Due for release in the Spring, Episode II will initially be available exclusively on NVIDIA Tegra-powered smartphones and tablets, before making an appearance on alternative Android devices later in the year.

Excitingly, it’s also been announced that the game will run at full 720p on supported devices… Imagine that, the look and feel of a console game right there in your pocket!

Check out some preview footage below:

Angry Birds better step it up this year…

  1. fluffrick says:

    720p gaming on a phone handset – sorcery! Sorcery, I tells ye!

    In wholly unrelated news, please find yourself a recipient of the ‘7 X 7’ award, which I’m paying forward to seven of my favourite bloggers – it’s a post idea where you present seven bits of info about yourself, seven of your favourite posts in categories and nominate seven bloggers.

    If you’re ever stuck for something to write about…

    Best wishes and keep up the fine (blogging) work…

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