Maybe it’s cause I’m a Londonerrrrrrr, that I love London town….. AND Monopoly.

Salutations, do you mind awfully if I....Yoga Flame. Splendid.

As boardgames go, it’s got everything: a detailed tile board, collectible cards, random forfeits and fortunes, an adequate amount of cultural reference, an accessible learning curve, and it instills an inescapable desire to crush your opponents into financial collapse, to punish them when they’re down, to cripple them, force an unpayable debt then horrific bankruptcy until finally they are coerced into abandoning hope and surrendering. What more do you need?

The only unfortunate aspect of the game is that it inevitably endures for hours, a particularly tiresome endeavour if you’re eliminated first. There’s no real joy in watching two of your mates stalemate for Old Kent Road as you sit there pondering how it is that a dog is the same size as a top hat or how a boat somehow manages to stride along the Strand. You’re bored, dangerously bored.

But not for long. Now there’s a new Monopoly variation that’s sure to keep all you gamers entertained, whether still in the game or not – Street Fighter Monopoly.

Soon to be available in all geek stockists, Street Fighter: Collector’s Edition will contain locations that relate to your favourite levels and characters from the popular beat ’em up franchise. In regards to characters, today saw the close of a competition run by Capcom to decide which 6 will be included – not an easy feat when you consider how many characters exist! My vote lies firmly with Ken Masters.

Do not pass GO! Do not collect 200 exp.

Fei Long or the top hat? What would you choose?

However, if you’re not happy with the final selection, then why not use your own? The new Street Fighter Heroclix should do the trick!

If you’re a devoted gamer, but Street Fighter isn’t your thing then why not check out the Nintendo edition of Monopoly, or some of the many variations that have been created since the original version in 1924. It comes with 6 tokens (in the 2006 version: Hylian shield, Iron boots, Donkey Kong barrel, Green shell, NES controller, Mario hat; in the 2010 edition: Samus Helmet, Mushroom, Hocotate ship, Gyroid, Star, Master sword) and the board displays characters and locations from throughout the Nintendo universe.

Nintendo Monopoly pieces from 2006 and 2010.

Let the games begin!


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