Gou Miyagi – Could skating be any more fun?

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Skateboarding, Video
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Well, could it??

This video from Japanese boarder Gou Miyagi epitomises everything that is right about skateboarding. Skate guru, Mr Miyagi (seewhatIdidthere?) expresses the eternal truth of the extreme sport: that it should be fun!

With age comes an inevitable competitiveness, a desire to exceed your peers and what has been executed before. Sadly, this saps the life, and the art, from much of the professional skating on show these days. I mean, how many pro skaters are still trying to add that extra step to that 16 stair set, or pop that larger gap.

What Gou does is fling all that to the wind, with a delightfully rare abandon. He may not be as technical a skater as Eric Koston; he may not traverse the gaps of Danny Way, but does he care? No, and neither should we. There is a creativity to his skating reminiscent of childhood play – spotting that silly spot that no one else even considered using, moving your body as much as your board – so what if it doesn’t look quite as smooth, he’s having a blast!

Having said all this though, I am in no way criticising his abilities. Gou is clearly a proficient skater, with some of the smoothest grinds I have seen in a long time, all which are very impressive. It’s just for me, this ability is not what’s memorable. It simply gives him the means to be as creative as he likes, to once again find that reason that we all started skating in the first place – because it’s f***ing fun!


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