Welcome to a new series of app reviews.

The app has a wonderfully straight forward UI.

Having just picked up a b e a u tiful Samsung Galaxy SII recently, winner of the GSMA’s Smartphone of the Year, my eyes have been suddenly and powerfully yanked open to the possibilities, nay the necessity, of smartphone technology. With unimpeded access one of the bywords of our modern age, it’s become increasingly important for all of our tech needs to be carried around with us. Hence the new generations of competing smartphones that come out year by year, forever improving their cameras (special mention to the new Nokia PureView 800), media players and of particular significance now, their app capabilities.

Mobile apps are perhaps having the greatest impact on redefining the mobile world. They permeate throughout all of our lifestyle needs: Games provide us with much needed entertainment, apps like Gmail and Quick Office Pro mean we never have to be out of the office (or in them!) and social networking tools allow us to constantly update the world with our views in real time.

Predominantly these reviews will be focussed on gaming apps but every now and again there will also be examinations of tech and software apps, all on the Android Market. To begin with, there seems nothing more apt appt than a look into WordPress’s own mobile application.

Full post creation functionality.

Since moving into the blogosphere, I’ve developed an incessant itch to blog and share content. Yet, unfortunately with work, relationships and a stupid amount of unopened 360 games, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to devote as much time as I would like. This is why the potential of a WordPress app is one that immediately engages me; I could blog from wherever I am, immediately as news is broken, making those lengthy journeys entirely more productive. It would also provide a useful method of avoiding eye contact on the tube… But obviously, with the clear limitations of mobile apps, is the functionality successful enough to warrant a download?

The answer is a resounding yes. The WordPress app contains all the features you would expect for mobile blogging. Post creation and editing have complete functionality, including tags, categories and toolbox access to rich text editing (bold, italics, strikethrough, etc.). You can read blogs through the app also – it simply directs you to the internet, but does save valuable time signing in to your account.

The dashboard is icon-centric, ideally suited for use on touch screen phones. The app has clearly been designed with limited screen size in mind, with a primary interface centred around ten feature boxes (see image above).

Photo inclusion is particularly simple; a gentle tap allows you to add, align and caption media selected from your gallery. Or why not take it directly via the Quick Photo/Video options which direct you straight to your phones camera? It’s an obvious feature but well integrated into the app, ideal for blogging at events or conferences. Of course, unless you have decent mobile photo editing software, certain images will have to prepped beforehand or added afterwards, depending on your media needs.

Blog creation alongside SwiftKey X keyboard.

Comment management and stat analytics are also two brilliant features retained from the web version of WordPress. Comments can be responded to, deleted or marked as spam whilst on the move, and your hits can be examined across alternating time periods, according to days, posts, referrers, search terms and clicks. A word of warning, being able to check your hit counts every second of every day can be a dangerous freedom.

The only let down with the app is that plug ins are not supported, which although not a problem for casual bloggers, can have a significant impact on businesses that rely heavily on them for content creation and site management. Apart from that, I haven’t got a bad word to say about it! There is the obvious issue that blogging on a phone is much more awkward than using a keyboard set up. Writing is a much lengthier process, which can be slightly infuriating at times, especially if you’re not au fait with touch screen texting. Though, this is an inevitable inconvenience of mobile blogging and in no way reflects the quality of the app itself. Furthermore, the ability to draft posts as and when ideas come to you, rather than taking notes in Memo for example, more than makes up for it. As an example of well the app functions, this post was written and shared entirely using the WordPress app.

There we have it, the WordPress app. It’s well designed, has complete functionality from the web service and it’s entirely free to download! There’s no excuse for letting those blogs sag now… shit.


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