…. Ok so the joke is pretty poor. It was either that or ‘cocks art’. Right decision made?

Spreading round IGN, Kotaku, Destructoid and the rest of the gaming journalistic world today is the appalling cover art for the upcoming Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year edition. Take a peek:

Horrible, just horrible. Mad World meets Metacritic.

First impressions, it’s pretty poor. The colour choice is unfortunate, the vibrant red completely superseding the delicate greyscale of the background like a split vein in a Chaplain movie. The title of the game and the logo becomes subservient to the glittering statistical quotes, ’10 out of 10′ sprawled across the top immediately drawing the eye. Although it does successfully market the quality and general acclaim of the title via the quotes included, it’s lazily designed, an ugly, artistic eyesore. The cover art is appealing in no sense, though it doesn’t deserve some of the comments it’s been getting: “Think I may be sick, that’s awful! It’s like Steven Hawking wearing speedo’s whilst presenting a new theory, no matter how qualified we know he is, no one would take him seriously. Same with this game.”

The inherent irony however is that the Batman Arkham City: GOTY art work actually lends itself quite well to a visual depiction of the game’s puzzle filled subplot – it’s a fucking riddle how the cover artists managed to get this design approved!

Take a look at IGN’s brilliant parody below however, designed by Brian Altano. “Nose” is a particular highlight.

Cover space: waste not want not.

And people say that games have no artistry…


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