Your Industry Needs you: Help Prove Games are Smart!

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Gaming, News, Politics
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It’s with unfortunate frequency that the gaming industry comes under attack from mainstream media. It’s a suitably accessible sacrificial lamb when societal norms or expectations are broken, whether it be in regards to horrific mass murders, increasing divorce rates, or simply teenager’s rotting teeth.

Well once again, the industry enters the firing line, now criticised for delivering nothing but “juvenile, silly, and intellectually lazy” titles. This rather simplistic, and let’s be frank, stupidly ill-informed opinion, comes care of writer Taylor Clark, in a recent edition of The Atlantic. In a lengthy article he posits that “video games, with very few exceptions, are dumb”, citing a couple of saving graces including the highly-regarded indie platformer Braid.

Finally though, us gamers get a voice, a method of retaliation – and crucially, not on a platform only read by us! Michael Abbott of Brainy Gamer, takes insult from this hyperbolic critique, striking back with the mockingly titled ‘Smart Game Catalogue’. Soon to become the go to bible for intellectually stimulating titles, the catalogue will address Clark’s article by collating information on any game deemed witty, clever or intriguing. And the best part is, he needs our help!

So do your duty, respond to this sensationalist tripe by adding your own entry and help create a complete compendium of smart games. Your industry needs you!


Via Kotaku


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