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Max Payne 3 After the Fall Cover

With the impending release of Rockstar’s third installment in the series looming just ahead of us, the renowned game developer has collaborated with Marvel to create a unique animated Max Payne 3 comic book, entitled ‘Max Payne 3: After the Fall’.

With the comic cell-like storytelling of the games cut scenes, it seems an ideal platform crossover to adapt Max’s troubles into a comic mini series.

Max Payne Comic Storytelling

Cut scenes in Max Payne were stationary, with the impression of a comic book.

The three part series has been written by Dan Houser, Vice President of Rockstar creativity, and Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment’s man behind Max (he was involved heavily in the production of the first two games, writing scripts, had input with level design, and was actually the face model for the protagonist – look at his ugly mug below).

Max Payne Face Sam Lake Face

What Marlon Brando called the ‘touching cloth’ face…

Max Payne 3: After the Fall will examine more explicitly details of Max’s tormented past, delving into the early years of his life as well as the issues surrounding all three games.

The best part is, the Max Payne comic book is totally free to download!

If digital comics aren’t your thing, Rockstar are also giving away ten exclusive printed copies of After the Fall edition one, just make sure you enter before July 12th!

I cannot wait to actually get my hands on the game being a fan of both the original titles. Let’s hope my fears aren’t proven correct though… Onward to May 15th!