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With the sun making a welcome appearance across the Gears-esque murky palette of the UK’S capital, and with my local skatepark receiving some well-needed renovation, it seems only fitting that my desire to skate rises forth once again.

In deference to this inescapable craving, I’ve started watching some old skate videos again – some particular favourites including Blueprint‘s Waiting for the World, Girl / Chocolate collabo Yeah Right! and more contemporary creative classic Cheese ‘N Crackers by Almost.

Gosh they take me back… Suddenly I’m stood in front of the Albert Memorial again in Kensington Gardens, whittling away my Summer holiday alongside a large group of friends and tourist voyeurs. Good times – apart from my dress sense. What was I thinking?

A teenage freedom to skate is not the only thing I sadly miss from my formative years though. What about children’s television? You wake up in the morning to the Scouse warblings of Poppy the Cat (“Ohhhh Trish”), followed by fail-Smurfs the Snorks or Saturday morning joy in the form of the Power Rangers. Now what are we treated to when we wake up? Bloody reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond and Channel 4’s entourage of “comedy” cohorts. Though I must say, there is a soft spot in my heart for Kelsey Grammer.


I defy you not to love this man.

Furthermore, ever increasing age and a lack of my own children makes it impossible to use toys anymore. And what a shame that is! I don’t miss the actual physical play, with the action adventure games of my childhood satisfyingly replaced by my penchant for video games. However, the thing I do miss is the creativity and agency that toys afford you. The characters you use, the narrative you spin, even each and every movement is meticulously concocted in your own brain. As exciting and visually immersive as games (SOME games) are these days, nothing really does compare to that level of narrative autonomy. Perhaps this woefully explains why so many gamers have publicly decried the ending of Bioware’s space trilogy Mass Effect, taking to forums, press and even charity work in the hope of ushering a creative redrafting.

Alas, despite sporting the face of a child, such youthful activities must be kept to realm of memory.

What do you miss from your childhood?


With horrific live action remakes like GI Joe: Rise of Cobra and the impending doom that is Akira, is there really any need for further destruction of our childhood heroes? Well, finally someone has made a positive adaptation and interestingly it’s fan-made!

With a budget of zero, Dermot Canterbury has successfully recreated the 80’s disco-style opening sequence to Ulysses 31. Somehow he has managed to make it MORE camp. Ulysses looks less like a hero from a childhood animated fantasy and more like a bad porno Bee Gee.

Nice use of tennis balls though! Props.

(Media courtesy of Fluffrick and Denofgeek)