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Answering the desperate calls of gamers everywhere, gaming tycoon Rockstar has revealed the release date for the eagerly anticipated sequel in their Max Payne series.

Max Payne 3 is set for a May release this year providing a well needed alternative to May Day Morris dancing. A few months back I made my dubious feelings on the new release clear. Though Rockstar have also announced interesting new additions including a multiplayer system, a newly advanced Bullet Time and Shoot Dodge effects. I still have my concerns but think this could be a delightful way to waste away those balmy summer evenings.

It's either Max Payne 3 or Morris dancing melee combat. What do you choose?


Finally I have seen this. For some reason I completely forgot to give it a look when I first heard about it. Verdict: Excited.

The graphics look good, the story is refreshingly different from its predecessors and the new setting in Brazil introduces a fresh new palette of colour unseen in the earlier titles.

However, I have to say that I do have my concerns…. Firstly, it’s with the new setting. I very much champion progression and not simply bashing out another similar looking sequel, but the dark city streets of the series’ original New York setting were what made it so popular. The dark, urban atmosphere perfectly suited the corrupt, crooked characters that it housed, also providing suitably chilling audio. Can this really be replicated in a bright, South American setting.

Perhaps my biggest concern though is the key gaming physics that made the original games so renowned – bullet time. In its day, Max Payne was revolutionary, taking Matrix-style slo-mo shooting and adapting it within a game. This move proved to be a very shrewd, setting a significant precedent for modern shooters. It can now be witnessed in many more recent titles, of notable mention, Stranglehold, Fallout 3 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior. Clearly bullet time is no longer anything special, almost incidental in particular games. With this in mind, Max Payne 3 must bring something entirely new to the table in order to replicate the the series’ prior successes.

Watch the trailer here and see what you think, would love to hear your thoughts!

Has Bullet Time had it's day? We'll see...