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Throughout my life I’ve had to a take a bus just to get my nearest tube station. For many people this is probably quite the norm, especially those that live on the outskirts of London. But I live in a particularly well-known central location, Battersea (NO, not in the Dogs Home, hur hur hur). Year after year locals have cried out for a local tube stop in order to save them both time and money. Now, it looks like the government are finally considering their demands.

With significant plans to revamp Battersea Power Station and its grounds, at a cost of 5.5 billion pounds, securing new tube connections in the surrounding area is key. It is hoped that the project will create 16,000 new homes and 25,000 job opportunities, vital for the capital as it struggles with high levels of unemployment.

The planned tube connection will be part of the Northern Line, extending the Charing Cross Branch from Kennington. There are also additional plans to further extend the line to Clapham Junction in the future. Reportedly, Chancellor George Osbourne has backed these plans so they could well be complete by 2015.

Living on the cusp on Battersea and Clapham this project would be perfect! Finally, a tube station to call my own.

Wake me up when it's my stop?



Just saw this video and it made me smile.

Whenever I’ve been slumped on another jerky, Chicken-smelling Northern Line tube, skateboard under my feet, I’ve always thought how cool it could be to ollie in and out of the carriages. Clearly this was just a pipe dream (I can skate about as well as Piers Morgan can stop being a prick), so it was a pleasant surprise to see it being done so well in this video.

Got to see this recreated in London!