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I am gutted. So very, very gutted.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may have seen an early post about the plans for a shambolic Hollywood remake of anime classic, Akira. The biggest gripe I had was with the rumoured cast, which was solely made up of “renowned” Caucasian actors. Early whispers suggested that  ‘J to the T’ Justin Timberlake and powder-faced vamp-twat Robert Pattinson were forerunners for the leading roles.

It has now been revealed that Kristen Stewart, the bi-species loving heroine from Twilight (just Frankenstein for her to pull now and she’s done the horror threeway), is rumoured to have been offered the role of Kei, Kaneda’s lady friend. Is this going to be another bloody Twilight? Why not get that other pig-nosed bloke involved too and be done with it.

Also, since when was bestiality praised in cinema. You’re getting off with a wolf for Christ’s sake!

Time for a boycott me thinks.

Even Kristen felt sick to her stomach knowing she had been offered the role.


20 minutes? Twenty minutes? Veinte minutos? Twaintee minoights? However you say it, it’s just as unbelievable.

For anyone who has played this game, and been manically frustrated with how easily you can die, especially on the later levels, you will have so much appreciation for this video. For the life of me I don’t understand how this gamer had the patience to perfect their run without dying. Jesus, they must have attempted this hundreds of time!!

Hats off to you, Sir.


For a review of this game, please click here.

So, I’ve just witnessed some of the most disgusting and shocking videos that I have ever seen in my life!

If you have a weak stomach then it’s advisable to exit here for something a little more joyous.

The series is called ‘Food for Louis’ and is essentially nothing more than a mental British guy who eats some of the most f*@#ed up things you could imagine. Choice “delicacies” on his menu are live cockroaches, dead rotting frogs and blended mice. See for yourself below:


Are these the depths that people will go to for entertainment?!  Is this what our reality tv, animal testical eating, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, desensitised modern culture is leading us to?

Thank Christ I haven’t eaten for the last 7 hours. Going to struggle to sleep tonight!